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Jason Widup's Goal Pacing Tracker
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What does this dashboard track?

This dashboard tracks goal pacing for the following:

  • Total demos (leads)
  • Demo qualification rate %
  • Demo requests (qualified leads)
  • Demo to meeting %
  • Meetings booked (all)
  • Meeting to opp %
  • Opportunities
  • Pipeline
  • Annual contract value (ACV)
  • Closed/won opps
  • Win rate
  • Closed/won revenue

How can I use it?

This template will help you:

  • Visualize funnel metrics, from lead to closed/won
  • Track goal pacing toward targets at a glance
  • Identify patterns or anomalies in real-time
  • Spot when you’re off pace to hit your goal

Goal pacing tracker overview

How does Jason Widup track goal pacing toward his most important revenue vitals? At a glance, Jason uses this goal pacing tracker to gut check performance, spot anomalies in real-time, identify patterns, and pivot tactics if he’s pacing off one of his goals.

Jason checks this goal pacing tracker every day so he can adjust in real-time. Depending on where in the funnel his pacer says he's off, Jason knows where to channel resources.

Let’s break it down.


First, Jason tracks pacing toward volume targets of five core funnel metrics:

  • Total leads
  • Total qualified demos
  • Total meetings booked
  • Total opportunities
  • Total closed/won new customers

Funnel conversion rates

Since Jason knows that improving funnel conversion rates can accelerate growth and hit his revenue target faster, he tracks pacing of conversion rates as leads progress through the funnel:

  • How many leads convert to qualified demos?
  • How many qualified demos convert to meetings?
  • How many meetings convert to opportunities?
  • How many opportunities convert to closed/won new customers?

Pipeline and revenue

Last, how has quarterly totals and conversion rates materialized into pipeline, revenue, and new business? And how does that align with quarterly goals?

  • How much pipeline have we generated and how are we pacing toward our goal?
  • How much revenue have we generated and how are we pacing toward our goal?
  • Of that closed/won revenue, what’s the average annual contract value for each customer?

Simple. In one easy to view dashboard, Jason can gut check performance across his entire GTM motion in real-time.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.

About the Marketer

About: As a former VP of Marketing, Jason grew Metadata from under $1M ARR to over $15M ARR in three years. Today, Jason runs his own B2B marketing advisory and consultancy where he helps B2B brands build and execute brand and demand programs to scale revenue fast.


Connect on LinkedIn: Jason Widup

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