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Emir Atli's Growth Dashboard
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HockeyStack's Growth Dashboard

The dashboard starts with our key KPIs. Emir and Canberk (HockeyStack’s Head of Growth) start their day by looking at our metrics.

Qualified deals report is looking at last 30 days and comparing it to the previous month- you can see the 8% increase. Qualified rate is the percentage of deals that were qualified by our sales team- no difference there. Because LinkedIn is our most important channel, we are looking at it separately. We are using a combination of clicks and engagement on LinkedIn to measure this metric. ACV is average customer value. We are looking at it based on deal creation and closed won.

Next up we have 2 goal trackers for deals and pipeline as well as deal qualified rate for this calendar month so far.

This line chart shows monthly deals and qualified deals trend for the current quarter.

Here you can see our funnel from form submission on our website to closed won/lost. We are looking at this funnel to understand the drop-offs and average time between steps. You can add more steps from different platforms and you can also click on any step to see a list of accounts that made it to the step or dropped off.

This is our favorite report and probably the most comprehensive one. This report shows all monthly growth metrics from spend to pipeline. Our growth team is looking at this report to see the trends. If we are getting more visits, are we getting more live demo visitors too? If not, we are either getting unqualified visitors or cold visitors. If we are getting more live demo visitors, are we getting more deals? If not, live demo might need optimization or audience is not ready yet, and we need more retargeting/social proof.

Then we have closed won revenue, closed won ACV, and revenue metrics. We are measuring close rate in monthly and quarterly cohorts. This report helps us understand the close rate, open pipeline from different months, and closed won ACV trend.

Speaking of ACV, this is a quarterly report that looks at deal ACV and closed won ACV.

This table is another really comprehensive report. The live demo on our website is our money page- if we can get more people to check out our live demo, we make more money. It increases conversions by 3x (based on HockeyStack data) and it’s a great touch during the sales process too. This report looks at our live demo’s performance from visits to live demo form submission rate to conversion rate from the live demo. We have been testing ungating our live demo (more on this later, but the TLDR is it didn’t increase any metric) and personalizing it for our prospects. This table helps us understand the difference between our changes and key metrics.

Finally, this report shows the sources that bring visitors to our website and changes month over month. Our growth team uses this report to understand if a channel is not going well this month or if a channel is working better than usual and correlate that with the campaigns we are running.

Here is the full view of the dashboard:

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