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How Raintree Increased Their MQLs by 34% and decreased CAC by 15%

Company 201-500 employees
Industry B2B
Location United States

Key Results

✔️ 15% decrease in CAC

✔️ 34% increase in MQLs

✔️ 3x increase in marketing-sourced deals


Raintree’s main use case was to see the whole journey before someone fills out a form or contact sales and to be able to see an overview of all channels/campaigns’ influence on their pipeline so that they know where to invest in. As a B2B company, their sales cycle is long, and they wanted to be able to track the whole journey with a single source of truth.

“So obviously if someone clicks on a Google ad and they put a lead form in, we know that they were a Google ad, but we don’t know what they did before that. And HockeyStack has helped accomplish the fact that we can go back and see what they did before they clicked the Google ad, whether it was a LinkedIn ad that they saw and didn’t click on, or whether it was they searched us on Google and didn’t fill out a form, whether they looked at a blog.

So being able to see that history and historical reference has been extremely helpful to get a whole, a holistic picture so that we can improve our marketing, and we can now see what’s worked in the past and can duplicate it or improve upon it, and that’s certainly been very, very helpful.

A great example was that we had a lead that came from Adroll, or at least looked on the surface like it came from Adroll. If we didn’t have HockeyStack in place, we wouldn’t know. We ended up seeing that it was a remarketing ad to someone who had visited our website six times through Google ads and organic search. They were not qualified, which taught us quickly to reengage what we’re doing for remarketing and be more specific with our targeting. You don’t want to remarket everyone visiting the website because 30% of the visitors are not interested in our service. These are often bots, misclicks, or others who came to our site for a reason that doesn’t qualify them as potential clients, partners, or other sources at Raintree.

Also, I can quickly see which channels, ads, or marketing campaigns bring us the highest quality leads, their pipeline influence, and their ROI in a couple of minutes instead of wasting hours on Google Analytics.”


Our team created dashboard templates for Raintree during their first week & tested all the integration data. Raintree now has a single source of truth that allows them to connect all their data in one place, attribute revenue to specific campaigns, and know where to invest more.