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Oneflow Doubles Visitor to MQL Rate Using HockeyStack’s Revenue Attribution & Account-Level Journeys

Employees 250-500
Industry B2B SaaS
Location Stockholm, London, Paris

Key Results

✔️6.5x paid ROI in the pipeline

✔️ 2x form submission in a quarter

✔️ 2x visitor to MQL increase with LinkedIn ads


Established in 2012, Oneflow develops, sells, and implements an end-to-end SaaS contract automation platform with a simple, easy-to-use tool with broad data usage capabilities.


When OneFlow came to HockeyStack, they had three marketing problems they needed solved that their previous analytics platform couldn’t help them overcome: 

  1. Lack of visibility into the full customer journey
  2. No visibility into marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue
  3. A better website analytics platform to replace GA4

First, with multiple stakeholders involved in a purchase, and with multiple touch points needed to produce pipeline, Oneflow needed more visibility into the most common path their customers took to purchase so they could optimize accordingly. 

Second, without knowing which touch points carried the most weight, they had no way of knowing which campaigns, channels, and creatives did the work (or didn’t). 

And last, frustrated with GA4 and its limitations, Oneflow wanted a GDPR-compliant website analytics replacement that could integrate with spend and revenue data as well as track behavior across the committee. 


Oneflow enlisted HockeyStack to help them gain visibility into previously undiscovered insights that could fuel their next stage of growth. 

Using HockeyStack’s account-level journeys, Oneflow gained visibility into each customer’s journey. Not just an individual, but all members of the buying committee, organized into an account-level view. Now they could identify which touch points accelerated demand, which members of the committee booked demos vs. attended demos, and who was the real champion.

Next, with cohort reports, lift reports, and multi-touch attribution reports, Oneflow gained visibility into what channels, campaigns, and creatives influenced purchases so they could optimize ad campaigns for pipeline and revenue, not just platform metrics. Using LinkedIn ad impression tracking in HockeyStack, they discovered that buyers in their pipeline often saw LI ads without clicking, and then visited their site directly. 

Lastly, using HockeyStack’s website analytics, Oneflow found their GDPR-compliant replacement but also discovered that its script tracked more data than GA, all while connecting website behavior to companies. 


Using insights surfaced through HockeyStack, Oneflow was able to double their form submission in a quarter, double their visitor-to-MQL ratio from LinkedIn ads through better targeting, and increase paid ROI in the pipeline by 6.5x.