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In today’s fast-changing and highly competitive industry, you have to make the best marketing decisions to ensure the sustainability of your business. It is only possible by determining which strategies work and which do not. Bizible is an Adobe tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and marketing tactics and make new marketing decisions based on the results. A lot has changed since Bizible was first launched. There are countless attribution tools as an alternative for Bizible on the market now. Let’s take a closer look at the cornerstones of the digital marketing world, attribution tools, which serve as a compass and guide for marketers.


The main difference between HockeyStack and attribution tools on the market is the product vision. Bizible is an attribution tool, while HockeyStack is an end-to-end analytics software. HockeyStack has all the analytics functionality you need as a SaaS company, including revenue attribution analysis.

With HockeyStack, you won’t need another tool to analyze, visualize, or understand your data.

Quick Setup

HockeyStack is completely no-code and requires no setup. You copy and paste a line of code to your website and product, integrate your tools with 2 clicks, and start using the product.

We also offer full setup and migration from your current tool in the custom plan with little to no charge

Product Analytics + Marketing Analytics: Everything You Need

We collect every single action on your website and product with one line of code. You can analyze your product’s usage or your website’s metrics with ease.

Surveys To Uncover The Dark Funnel

Sometimes you can see “direct” on your attribution analysis. To understand what happened, you can use surveys! The best thing about HockeyStack’s surveys is that you can use the responses in your dashboards, meaning you can correlate responses with actual data.

You can filter by responses to analyze their journeys, check out which features they use, what NPS score they gave, or their LTV.

Retroactive tracking

HockeyStack’s tracking is retroactive, which means you don’t need to create your goals, funnels, segments, or dashboards now. You can set them up whenever you want, and you won’t lose any data.

For example, you can build a churn by the blog post user signed up report:

A report to measure the exact revenue you get from blog posts:

Revenue + Marketing Dashboard

Reports to analyze your ideal buyer persona:

A trial to expansion funnel:

Product + RevOps Dashboard

An engagement by feature report:

Or an active users report:

On top of custom dashboards, HockeyStack has other features too, such as

  • Surveys (free for everyone)
  • Step-by-step user journey
  • Funnels & goals
  • Revenue Attribution

and more.

HockeyStack Pricing

You can check out the pricing page here.

HockeyStack Integrations

  • Paddle
  • Stripe
  • Hubspot
  • Crisp Chat
  • Mailchimp
  • Intercom
  • Pipedrive
  • Chameleon
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier (coming soon)

HockeyStack Summary

The unique benefit of HockeyStack is its ability to unify your marketing, revenue, sales, and product data using no code. This allows you to uncover unique insights that you wouldn’t be able to by using multiple tools as they cause you to have fragmented data.

  1. You can integrate with Stripe, Paddle, Hubspot, and other SaaS platforms to build every single dashboard that you can think of, using all sales, marketing, revenue, and product metrics.
  2. You can create funnels, goals, and surveys, which are rare to get with other tools on this list.
  3. You don’t need any developers, tracking is cookieless, and the script is small, so it doesn’t increase your site loading time.


Founded in 2008, now serves international brands such as Adidas, Airbnb, Lenovo, and Levi’s, all of whom are market leaders in their respective fields. The platform is a global relationship management program that provides over 2200 brands with partnerships in various formats (including B2B). Impact scales discovery, recruiting, onboarding, engagement, and optimization of all forms of partnerships, including affiliates, influencers, apps, and more, to increase growth.

From Impact


The Discover tool is one of Impact’s most essential and frequently used features. Recognizing how complex and vital a task it is for businesses to choose the right partners for themselves, Impact makes it very easy with a kind of ‘partnership social media’ tool prepared for this situation. Discover automation basically allows businesses to find and hire publishers and creators easily and quickly. Aiming to gather information about publishers and creators, making comparison and selection easier, this tool takes you out of the abyss of digital marketing with personalized partner recommendations in the explore section and offers you the best partnership possibilities.

Prequalified Brands

In today’s digital sector, you should always be the one to act and decide the fastest, the most agile. presents you with the prequalified brands label and search filter, which companies you meet the auto-approval conditions for. Prequalified Brands are an excellent source of high-intent prospects. Knowing you meet a brand’s criteria allows you to concentrate on whether it fits yours. When there’s a mutual fit, you’re on your way to a successful alliance, and you won’t have to wait for manual manager clearance to start promoting.

Data Lab

The platform offers its customers a customizable report generator. With Data Lab, you can easily graph and analyze your data. Offering multiple types of tables and graphs, Data Lab enables you to make the most of the data you have to examine different scenarios and find answers to various questions. With a few clicks, you may check which of your business partners has the greatest income and interaction during a particular time period, or examine which of your best and most profitable business partners are. It also speeds up report generation with drag-and-drop functionality and frees customers from the need to export reports to PowerPoint or other formats.

Pricing offers three pricing options. Starter ($500 per month), Pro ($2500 per month), and Enterprise ($5000 per month) are the three tiers of pricing starting at $500 per month. There is no free plan available on the platform.


Attribution is a comprehensive conversion and revenue tracking software that provides marketers with a dashboard view of campaigns, advertising expenses, and ROI. Attribution collects all campaign expenditure data from the user’s ad networks, including automatic ad spend tracking, ad tagging, and customizable channels. Through sophisticated multi-touch attribution models, attribution can track any spending in any channel and strives to avoid redundant monitoring. Users can utilize attribution to examine individual visits and activities.

Custom Machine Learning (ML) Attribution Model

Attribution’s multi-touch attribution models offer marketers a specialized service that adjusts channel mixes to optimize revenue and ROI, no matter which touchpoint they start from. Machine learning algorithms in Attribution will automatically model and anticipate channel mix based on historical conversion success and marketing’s ability to move deals at each point of the buying process, offering scenario planning flexibility against changes in budgets and/or buyer characteristics. The software has integration with many major social media platforms to provide you with effective advertising technology for comprehensive growth. The software offers secure connectivity to platforms such as Salesforce, Quora, and HubSpot.

Affiliate Marketing Tool

Affiliate Marketing Tool unifies customers’ partner programs and is designed to assist affiliate marketers in achieving better outcomes through improved flexibility, automated features, and visibility into their ROI. The product helps marketers learn the actual value of their affiliate marketing spend and, in this way, improves affiliate performance. This makes the evaluation process much more efficient and more accessible, which can become cumbersome and often involves manually tracking affiliates in spreadsheets, making it difficult to track the success of your efforts. It also allows you to configure flexible payment models for affiliates. It makes it easy to create payment categories and review your total payments.

Television Attribution

Although today’s market is dominated by the internet, television still continues to be a very strong element in the advertising industry. Thanks to Attribution’s television add-on, you can determine how much income you earn from advertisements given to television channels and measure how compelling television is on critical issues such as purchasing and visiting a site. Thus, you can determine which television advertisements work and which do not and optimize your sales by creating your advertising expenditures in the light of this data.


Attribution’s website has no information on pricing plans. According to the report sourced from FinancesOnline, the payment plans of the product are as follows:



Adjust is a mobile assessment service that also happens to be one of the best mobile attribution tools for mobile businesses. It assists you in grasping the full user journey across multiple media. Naturally, this will reveal which routes are the most effective. You can also use Adjust attribution to figure out which ad creatives work best and why. Popular game firms like Zynga and Tencent, as well as industry titans like Booking, SoundCloud, Duolingo, and Spotify, are among Adjust’s clients.

Audience Builder

Audience Builder allows you to create, download, and distribute customizable user lists. It may be used to generate these lists directly from the Adjust dashboard. After creating rules to segment people, create group lists to share with partners about retargeting marketing, A/B testing, and other issues. It’s a platform that lets you create accurate retargeting campaigns by allowing you to create audiences that you can share with your networks without giving away the entire pie.

Preventing Frauds

The Fraud Prevention Suite from Adjust focuses on preventing user acquisition fraud. The suite prevents fraudulent traffic from being ascribed to your paid channels, ensuring that ad spend is directed to the most effective channels while also increasing user engagement. The Fraud Prevention Suite examines each install event in real time, looking for anomalies and potentially fraudulent behavior. It guarantees that no false positives are introduced by focusing on single occurrences. It also keeps your dataset clean, allowing for completely accurate planning and campaign assessments.

Subscription Tracking

In these times when it is a reality that subscription style businesses are still at the top of the market, Adjust offers a product for subscription-based applications to monitor user activity leading to subscription and seamlessly send those activities back to the source. In this way, the product helps brands manage consumers’ subscription activity and revenue and gives brands a better understanding of how users interact with their subscription patterns. With the subscription tracking feature, it is possible to determine how the subscribers behave in the application. This feature, which allows subscription data to be handled independently of the application lifecycle, has the quality of being a game-changer for mobile subscription applications.


Adjust offers three pricing options to suit various requirements. These plans are Base (up to 1,500), Core (up to 250,000 annual attributions), and Enterprise (more than 250,000 annual attributions).


Looker is a relational data store-based platform with an analytics-oriented application server. The Looker platform consists of a user interface for examining data, a reusable development paradigm for producing data discovery experiences, and an extendable API set that allows the data to exist in other systems. Looker allows anyone to easily and rapidly search and explore data, create dashboards and reports, and share everything.

Looker Blocks

Looker Blocks are reusable and configurable business logic components, such as churn prediction or lifetime value measures, that can be put together and adjusted to satisfy data demands across the firm as well as industry-specific requirements. When a few Looker Blocks are combined, businesses may begin to access and analyze data more quickly, as well as have the resources to address all of their data requirements across the enterprise. Looker Blocks, like the building blocks of analysis, can be used to examine the sales funnel, monitor customer health, conduct complex web analytics, or optimize an online storefront – in short, any analysis that a business might require.

Cross-filtering On Live Data

With a few clicks on the dashboard points, Looker allows cross-filtering on live data. Users can do in-depth analyses on the fly. Cross-filtering makes it easier for dashboard viewers to interact with data and understand how one indicator influences another. Users can utilize cross-filtering to have all dashboard tiles automatically filter on a value they click on one dashboard tile. This straightforward interface combines filtering with Looker’s existing drill capabilities, allowing users to have a simple “wonder-and-click” experience without losing access to the underlying data.


With Git Integration, Looker allows for collaboration and version control. Marketers can track changes to their SQL code bases by saving each Looker project or group of data analysis as a Git project; it’s an innovative, natural approach for developers to collaborate. You may also export your results to one of five distinct formats: a web URL, a piece of embed code for either your data or the visualization for any webpage, a data table for a Google spreadsheet that can be dynamically updated, or a query file for Microsoft Excel.


Looker’s pricing is flexible dependent on your requirements, thus they don’t publicize it. Looking at several online communities, the pricing for ten users with an annual subscription might range from $3000 to $5000 each month.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a call tracking and marketing attribution software solution. It assists you in closing the gap between traffic, leads, and revenue. Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution platform that lets you connect all of your important products and apps. Ruler boosts the data in your CRM (or wherever your lead data is stored) as well as the data sent to Google Analytics.

Opportunity Stage Attribution

Because of the nature of long sales cycles, marketers don’t get a true picture of how well a campaign did until weeks, months, or even years after the initial lead. You can evaluate the efficacy of campaigns at every stage of your sales pipeline with Ruler Analytics’ opportunity stage report. The data reveals revenue attribution to channels and keywords at each opportunity stage, as well as what happens to leads after they reach the MQL stage, which channels close more frequently, which opportunity stages may require additional attention/nurturing, and where specific campaigns fail to convert.

Ruler Re-Provided

Ruler Analytics has created a service to assist marketers in overcoming the negative effects of Google’s ‘Not Provided’ status. ‘Not Provided’ indicates that Google Analytics has decided not to provide you with keyword data. These are the keywords that don’t have any ‘keyword referral data.’ The keyword referral data reveals which search term a person used to find your website on a search engine. Ruler Re-Provided enables advertisers to reveal a term used during an organic search, overcoming Google’s significant SEO barrier.

Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking software enables marketers to have a deeper understanding of incoming calls, allowing them to prove which marketing channel or campaign prompted the call. It also allows advertisers to demonstrate how much money calls generate. The phone tracking feature of Ruler Analytics works by changing the phone number on your website with a unique phone number for each every visitor. When the number is dialed, the call is forwarded to your primary phone number.


Ruler Analytics offers its customers four different pricing plans. The scales of these plans vary according to the size of the business, and the price also varies accordingly.


AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution tracking tool that focuses on attribution for app installs. Using granular dashboards, its technology attributes every new installation to the marketing campaign and media source that drove it. You can improve marketing performance across user acquisition and retargeting campaigns with these dashboards. AppsFlyer functions as a cross between app monitoring and mobile attribution, linking app installs and performance to marketing initiatives.

Real-time reports 

To produce effective ads and content, you must first understand your target audience and the environment in which they will be published. To comprehend their actions, you must first measure them and then analyze the data. Otherwise, you can end up creating a lot of ads and content, but it will be difficult (if not impossible) to repay your investment. Appsflyer provides real-time information. It monitors and processes all activity on your website in real time, allowing you to know exactly what is going on. You can learn about the visitors who are now viewing your website using the real-time report. You can see where they are from. If you want more visitors from other places to visit your website, you can change the content or targeting of your ad.

Privacy Cloud

AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud is a data cleaning room that enables businesses to collaborate and share information while maintaining user privacy. Consumers can continue to get the value and experience they expect from businesses with the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud, without worrying about their data being misused. AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud is cross-channel, offering real-time conversion data from the source (DSPs, in-app SDK), analytics, access to AppsFlyer’s large ecosystem of integrated partners, aggregate reports, and is available for both business and business use. It’s also appropriate for usage in the marketing field. AppsFlyer has partnered with Intel for Privacy Cloud, and as part of this collaboration, AppsFlyer leverages the cryptographic acceleration feature of Intel’s 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable platform to accelerate the computations required for Privacy Cloud’s high-performance advanced homomorphic encryption (HE) applications.

Exclude Existing Users From UA Campaigns

Yeni müşteriler elde etmek içIn the campaigns you create to acquire new customers, separating the users who are already using your service saves you from wasting time and money. Improving user acquisition targeting is one of the most efficient strategies to grow more with less. You may easily avoid targeting existing, unprofitable consumers and so increase CPIs, conversion rates, and the entire UA cycle by eliminating your previous user base from your UA ads. Exclusion lists can be implemented automatically with AppsFlyer’s audience segmentation tool or manually with raw data and reports from AppsFlyer. In this way, you can ensure that your marketing projects are more efficient in a smaller marketing budget and in a shorter time.


Similar to its derivative tools, Appsflyer also offers its users three different pricing plans. The tool, which also has a free trial, applies a customizable price tariff for large-scale businesses.


Marketing attribution is critical for determining which marketing channels, programs, and ads are the most productive so you can direct your efforts where they are most beneficial. The ability of marketing attribution solutions to help you analyze the performance of your various marketing sources is its most essential feature. However, while most technologies have comparable attribution capabilities, the distinctions between them can be subtle. Even though they are extremely similar, choose the ideal one for your business among the tools that differ only slightly from one another, and then enjoy the perks of growing.


Should I choose single-touch attribution or multi-touch attribution for my business?

 A single-touch model may be sufficient if your marketing funnel is short and straightforward. A multi-touch attribution approach is the way to go if you’re marketing across multiple channels and have a lot of touchpoints.


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