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What is Improvado: Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Improvado is a tool for gathering marketing data and automating reporting. Small and mid-sized organizations utilize it, and it can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

Users of Improvado can analyze and compare the effectiveness of advertising channels and campaigns using a customizable dashboard that is provided. Using cross-channel attributions like post-click and post-view conversions, Improvado enables users to follow the steps taken throughout the customer journey.

You can integrate data from multiple data sources, including MailChimp, Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook advertisements, and Bing ads. Additionally, integration is possible with data warehouses as well as with visualization tools like Looker and Tableau. The integrations are thorough and in-depth, bringing in specific information at every level so that you can get the full picture of your marketing campaigns.

Improvado Pricing

Pricing is not currently disclosed on Improvado’s website. Speaking with a salesperson is the only way to find out about the pricing.

Improvado Features

Improvado’s key feature is data integration. The information can be kept in an Improvado database or one powered by Postgres or Google BigQuery. You can either use the built-in charts and tables in Improvado or leverage your BI tool to visualize the data. At the time of writing, 13 BI tools are supported. The most popular platforms, including Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, and Looker, are included in the list. Excel and Google Sheets are fully supported if you prefer spreadsheets.

There are currently more than 180 connectors available, with some only available by request. Improvado’s dashboards can also be white-labeled which is an extra benefit if you’re representing an agency. 

They enable for white labeling of their dashboards, which is another advantage worth mentioning. If you represent an agency, this provides it an extra benefit.

Feature summary:

Data integration and ETL with more than 180 connectors 

Combining data from many sources 

Support is accessible over the phone or through chat for both internal dashboards and external 

Dashboards like Data Studio and Power BI.

Improvado Integrations

Some of Improvado’s integrations include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Stripe
  • Instagram
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Tableau
  • Google Ads and more.

Improvado Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of Improvado’s reviews:

Why Do Companies Look for Alternatives to Improvado?

Users may extract, transform, and visualize marketing data using Improvado. The software makes it easy to create analytics and dashboards that can aid marketers in perfecting their campaigns. Although Improvado provides unique data visualization technologies, consumers may choose to use other platforms because of limited custom tab creation.

Apart from data visualization, Improvado’s pricing is not listed on their website, you need to contact sales in order to get information. This can be frustrating for you if you do not want to speak with someone for pricing. Improvado also does not offer a free trial of their product. Which is another reason why people look for alternatives.

5 Improvado Alternatives You Need to Try


Domo is revolutionizing business by putting data to work for everyone. Domo’s low-code data app platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics by allowing anyone to create data apps to power any action in their business, right where the work is done. With Domo, critical business processes can be optimized in days rather than months or years.
Here are some of the features of Domo:

  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Self-service Analytics and more.

Domo does not have a set pricing option because it creates a custom plan for your company based on its needs. As a result, pricing varies from company to company.


Here are some of the reviews of Domo for you to consider if it is good for you:


Supermetrics is an ETL tool that collects information from all of your marketing and advertising channels. You can save the data in your data warehouse, a spreadsheet, or directly in your business intelligence tools.

Supermetrics can easily integrate with marketing and analytics tools.


In contrast to the other tools listed here, Supermetrics treats each connector as a separate product.

Supermetrics emphasizes Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel. The second row contains the more technical goods, such as the API, Google BigQuery Integration, and the cost uploader.

Feature recap:

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) functionality
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Email & Forum assistance


As I mentioned in the features section, Supermetrics treats each connector as a separate product, that is why they have different pricing for each product.

For instance, Supermetrics for Google Sheets starts from 99 per month.


Here are some of the reviews of Supermetrics:


HockeyStack is an analytics and attribution platform for SaaS companies. It combines sales, marketing, revenue, and product data into a single dashboard without using any code, allowing you to see what really generates revenue for your SaaS.

HockeyStack uses a cookieless script with a 5-minute setup time to automatically track everything on your website and product. The code-free interface allows you to build dashboards with just a few clicks or even leverage one of the many existing dashboard templates.

The tool allows marketing teams to track the customer journey and understand how and why user behavior changes at each touchpoint. The tool can also be integrated with numerous third-party platforms, including Hubspot CRM, Paddle, Stripe, Chargebee, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Close, and others.


HockeyStack offers these features:

  • Step-by-step user journey; HockeyStack offers step-by-step journey analysis for more informed decision-making.
  • Custom dashboards; You can create any dashboard you need for your business with charts, bar graphs, and metrics of your choice.
  • Surveys; With HockeyStack, You can create different types of surveys to understand user perception with ease. 
  • Revenue analytics; Dive deeper into revenue data and understand which channels and pieces of content drive the most revenue
  • Segments; Group your customers together in different segments based on demographics or other traits to get an accurate view of their purchasing behavior
    and more.


HockeyStack has two plans, both of which have a 14-day trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The pricing page is available here.


Here are some reviews for HockeyStack:


Adverity is a data integration and visualization tool. It allows you to import data from all of your advertising and marketing platforms and visualize it. It also supports Google Data Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau if you choose to use your own BI tool.

As of August 2022, they offer integrations to over 600 sources.


Adverity has a list of supported data sources, destinations, and third party visualization tools on its website.

To sum up the features:

  • Connection and integration of all online marketing data
  • Transformation of data and storage in data warehouse of choice
  • Streaming of the data to a data visualization platform of choice


Their website contains no pricing information. For more information, you will have to speak with a salesperson.


Here are some reviews for Adverity:

Funnel is a cloud-based marketing analytics and reporting software for online advertisers and e-commerce businesses. The software collects data from advertising platforms automatically and allows marketers to visualize this data. Funnel integrates with a variety of advertising platforms, and users can also request custom integrations as needed. The Funnel API allows users to send data directly to Google Sheets, Data Studio, Google Analytics, BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, business intelligence systems, or data warehouses.


  • Integrations with 500 data sources
  • Visualization widgets have a large amount of flexibility, with several options for graphs and charts
  • Ability to export your data

Pricing has monthly pricing plans, with the Standard plan starting at $499/month. It has an infinite amount of data sources and users. However, there is an additional monthly fee for each additional destination to which you connect your data, which can quickly add up.


Here are some of the reviews of

Key Takeaways

Improvado is a solution designed by marketers for marketers, allowing them to consolidate all of their data in one place, in real-time, with automated marketing dashboards and reports. Because the platform is solely focused on the marketing challenge, it will link to whatever marketing platform you require. Furthermore, the integrations are extensive, bringing in detailed data at the keyword and ad levels to provide a complete view.

However, depending on your needs and interests, you may need to look elsewhere for the best options. With the list mentioned above, you can make an informed decision and choose the Improvado alternative that will be right for you. 

What does Improvado do?

Improvado is a complete marketing and sales data platform that enables revenue teams to gain a 360-degree view of their revenue activities and make more educated business choices faster. Improvado finds fresh insights driving ROI growth from numerous sources, allowing teams to focus on research rather than laborious reporting.

Is Improvado free?

Improvado does not have free trial for you to try out their product.

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