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HockeyStack’s Tracking Advantage

Tracking website visitors is the core of any marketing analytics & attribution software and the more accurate your website tracking is, the more accurate your reports will be.

HockeyStack uses a cookieless tracking technology called fingerprinting, which F1000 companies widely use. You also have the option to track users with cookies and switch to cookieless at any time.

In addition to cookieless tracking, this article covers how HockeyStack’s data platform works.

Higher Accuracy

With cookieless tracking, you can track users more accurately. With cookies, if the user switches browsers or deletes the cookies, you get a duplicate user. Fingerprinting stores the ID on the device, so it doesn’t get affected by these changes. Also, many browsers and extensions block cookies, leading to fewer tracked users.

If your data is inaccurate, the decisions that you make based on your data will be inaccurate too.

Below, you can see a test run between HockeyStack and a competitor using cookies to track. HockeyStack was able to match 45 deals with their website activity while the competitor was able to match 32 deals with their activity. (40% higher accuracy)

Better Integrations and Visualization

While most platforms use third-party software to power their visualization, HockeyStack was built entirely by our engineering team, which means our integrations and platform are more reliable and completely flexible.

Our integrations make sure that our data is 100% accurate across platforms. (you can talk to our customers who switched from other platforms as your last step in the process to verify this)

With HockeyStack you can build any type of report utilizing all our integrations and data cleaning on the backend, while other platforms only rely on pre-built templates. So a retail company and a SaaS company would use the same templates using these platforms, while you can build reports that fit into your needs with HockeyStack.

We also have complete onboarding with 10 dashboards built by our CSM team to get you started with your needs and goals in 2 weeks.

Ease of Implementation

Because of the sophistication of HockeyStack’s data platform and integrations, setting up HockeyStack doesn’t require resources from your engineering team. With other platforms, you would need your engineering team to set up all website goals with custom tags (similar to Google Analytics) while HockeyStack is completely no-code. All website events are defined by our customer success team in your first 2 weeks, and after that, any team member can define new events using our event builder.

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