Overview of HubSpot integration with HockeyStack.


About HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that provides software and support to help businesses grow better. Their platform includes marketing, sales, service, and website management products that start free and scale to meet their customers’ needs at any stage of growth.

About the integration

HockeyStack’s HubSpot integration pulls sales data from Hubspot (contacts, companies, deals, engagements, email events, and more) and connects it with the rest of your customer data. Now you can analyze customer journeys and report on marketing and sales performance using metrics across CRM, ad platforms, marketing automation, and other mar-tech tools.

What’s included in the integration?

  • Contacts (full list of contact properties here)
  • Companies (full list of company properties here)
  • Deals (full list of deal properties here)
  • Engagements like marketing emails (full list of engagement types here)
  • Email events (full list of email properties here)

Apart from the CRM data, we also track HubSpot form submissions and meeting scheduling through the website automatically. See HubSpot Website Tracking for more information.

Benefits of integration

1. Un-silo HubSpot data

HockeyStack integrates data from your entire marketing ecosystem, making it easy to analyze KPIs from HubSpot with KPIs from ad platforms, marketing automation, live chat, ABM platforms, data warehouses and more. Analyze performance and build reports holistically across your entire go-to-market, not just isolated data points inside your CRM.

2. Tie marketing spend to revenue- all of it

Pull all your CRM data into HockeyStack so you can connect marketing spend to revenue for ever account. From ad clicks to newsletters to CRM campaigns, HockeyStack tracks behavior all the way to closed/won revenue in HubSpot. Now you can automate offline conversion tracking with more accuracy and better measure influence of marketing activity on revenue.

3. Map account-level journeys of HubSpot contacts

HockeyStack tracks individual customer journeys, then places them inside an account-level journey where you can visualize each independent journey side by side in chronological order. Track customer journey touchpoints, from first touch to closed/won, of every account in HubSpot.

4. Arm your sales reps with intelligence

HockeyStack tracks customer journeys, reveals identities and contact information, and scores buyer intent for everyone in your CRM. Now sales can identify what content prospects engage with, who makes up the buying committee, how to contact them, and who’s ready to buy.

5. Clean CRM data automatically

Messy CRM data? Join the club. HockeyStack ingests, cleans, removes duplicates, and normalize CRM data so you can analyze it effectively inside our platform, no matter how messy it is in HubSpot.

6. Upload historical HubSpot data instantly

HockeyStack ingests historical attribution and activity data from marketing attribution platforms like HubSpot. For all accounts in your CRM, that means you won’t need to start from zero; you’ll be able to see historical touchpoints and activity next to future touchpoints and activity- all tracked inside one account view in HockeyStack.

How it works

Integrate with HubSpot in a few minutes using HockeyStack’s native integration.
HockeyStack pulls actions and properties from HubSpot. Each action comes with action properties that provide more information about it.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • HubSpot paying customer with marketing hub, sales hub, and/or CMS hub- any tier

Connect lead activity log so you can connect sales with marketing, revenue, and product data.

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