Marketing Automation

Overview of Marketo integration with HockeyStack.


About Marketo

Adobe Marketo Engage (formerly Marketo) is a leading B2B engagement platform, and empowers marketers to build brand value, grow revenue, and prove impact through a suite of marketing and sales products

About the integration

HockeyStack’s integrates Marketo Engage marketing automation data with the rest of your customer data. Now you can analyze customer journeys and report on marketing and sales performance using metrics across CRM, ad platforms, marketing automation, and other mar-tech tools.

What’s included in the integration?


We pull all predefined and custom properties of the Lead object and also associate this record with the activities they performed from the below list.

Activity types

  • New lead in database
  • Fills out form
  • Click link
  • Click email link
  • Send email
  • Email bounced
  • Open email
  • Email bounced soft bounced
  • Send sales email (Outlook plugin)
  • Opens sales email
  • Clicks sales email
  • Reply to sales email
  • Receives sales email
  • Sales email bounce
  • Reply to sales email
  • Document interacted with
  • Document interacted with
  • Dialogue goal reached
  • Share content
  • Click shared link
  • Change program member date
  • Change status in progression

Benefits of integration

1. Un-silo Marketo data

HockeyStack integrates data from your entire marketing and sales ecosystem, making it easy to analyze KPIs from Marketo, CRM, ad platforms, live chat, ABM platforms, data warehouses and more- together in one place. Analyze performance and build reports holistically across your entire go-to-market, and un-silo isolated data points inside Marketo.

2. Upload historical Marketo data instantly

HockeyStack ingests historical attribution and activity data from marketing attribution platforms like Marketo. For all accounts in Marketo, that means you won’t need to start from zero; you’ll be able to see historical touchpoints and activity next to future touchpoints and activity- all tracked inside one account view in HockeyStack.

3. Measure performance for Pardot campaigns

Leverage HockeyStack’s lift analysis and multi-touch attribution to measure the influence of Marketo touchpoints and campaigns with more precision.

How it works

To integrate with Marketo through HockeyStack’s native integration, all you’ll need your Marketo API Endpoint, Client ID, and Client Secret.
Once you have this information, you can enter it into HockeyStack’s connection dialog in Settings. HockeyStack then automatically creates the necessary authentication and connection flow.

Note: We also have a separate integration to pull historical website data that Marketo tracked before you installed the HockeyStack script on your website. This integration only runs once to backfill your dashboards.
You don’t have to do anything else to access this data. Your HockeyStack customer success manager will activate this for you if you have already tracked website sessions through Marketo before.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • Marketo Engage paying customer- any plan (growth, select, prime, ultimate)

Marketing Automation

Connect email marketing and lead gen activities with the rest of your data.

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