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Hubspot Marketing Hub

Overview of Hubspot Marketing Hub Integration with HockeyStack.


About Hubspot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is Hubspot’s marketing automation software that helps you get high-quality leads, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your marketing investments.

About the integration

HockeyStack integrates Hubspot Marketing Hub data with the rest of your customer data. Now you can analyze customer journeys and report on marketing and sales performance using metrics across CRM, ad platforms, marketing automation, and other mar-tech tools.

What’s included in the integration?

Actions pulled

  • Email sent
  • Email bounced
  • Email opened
  • Email clicked
  • Email forwarded
  • Email marked as spam

Fields pulled for each action

  • Email campaign ID
  • Email campaign name
  • Event ID
  • Email subject

Benefits of integration

1. Un-silo Hubspot data

HockeyStack integrates data from your entire marketing and sales ecosystem, making it easy to analyze KPIs from Hubspot Marketing Hub, CRM, ad platforms, live chat, ABM platforms, data warehouses and more- together in one place. Analyze performance and build reports holistically across your entire go-to-market, and un-silo isolated data inside Hubspot Marketing Hub.

2. Upload historical Hubspot data instantly

HockeyStack ingests historical attribution and activity data from marketing attribution platforms like Hubspot. For all accounts in Hubspot, that means you won’t need to start from zero; you’ll be able to see historical touchpoints and activity next to future touchpoints and activity- all tracked inside one account view in HockeyStack.

3. Measure performance for Hubspot campaigns

Leverage HockeyStack’s lift analysis and multi-touch attribution to track more touchpoints in the buyer’s journey and measure the influence of Hubspot campaigns with more precision.

How it works

Integrate with HubSpot in a few minutes using HockeyStack’s native integration.
HockeyStack pulls actions and properties from HubSpot. Each action comes with action properties that provide more information about it.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub paying customer- starter, professional, or enterprise

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