Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Overview of Facebook Ads integration with HockeyStack.


About Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction, but more than 200 million businesses use Facebook tools, and more than seven million advertisers actively promote their business on Facebook, which makes it a cornerstone of B2B paid media strategy.

About the integration

HockeyStack’s Facebook ads integration pulls campaign data from Facebook and Instagram into HockeyStack so you can track clicks to revenue without 7-day attribution window limitations.

Benefits of integration

1. Track Facebook ads to revenue beyond Meta’s limited attribution window

HockeyStack collects and tracks touchpoints from Facebook ad clicks independently from Facebook, which means you can replace Facebook’s standard 7-day attribution window with our three year window.

2. Measure true performance using cohorts- no matter how much time passes

What if someone clicks on a Facebook ad but converts three months later? How do you track ROI on a monthly basis? In HockeyStack, use cohort reporting to measure Facebook ad campaign ROI over extended periods of time, no matter how much time passes between spend and conversion. If someone clicks on an ad but converts two months later, tie the conversion to the spend from two months ago, not the spend from today.

3. Un-silo Facebook ad data

HockeyStack integrates data from your entire marketing ecosystem, making it easy to analyze KPIs from Facebook ads with KPIs from other ad platforms, marketing automation, live chat, ABM platforms, data warehouses and more. Analyze performance and build reports holistically across your entire go-to-market, and un-silo your Facebook ad data.

4. Track Facebook ads performance at the account-level

What happens when multiple buyers within the buying committee take their own path to discovering your products? HockeyStack tracks all Facebook ad clicks at the individual level, then groups them into an account-level journey so you can see how Facebook ads affect the account, not just the person.

How it works

It takes a few clicks to connect your Facebook ads account to HockeyStack using our native integration.
Once connected, you can use all Facebook and Instagram data inside HockeyStack immediately.


  • HockeyStack paying customer- any plan
  • Facebook ads account- any spend


Connect ad campaign performance and ad spend to conversions to the rest of your data.

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