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Podcast Pipeline Report
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What does this report measure?

This report measures the following metrics based on podcast self-reported attribution:

  • MQLs
  • SQLs
  • MQL>SQL conversion rate
  • Pipeline
  • Annual contract value (ACV)
  • MQL>SQL deal length

How can I use this report?

This report will help you:

  • Categorize self-reported attribution for podcast mentions automatically
  • Measure revenue influence on a per podcast basis
  • See whether or not podcast listeners move faster and pay more than non-listeners

Cognism's podcast pipeline report breakdown

In HockeyStack, you can automatically organize self-reported attribution responses into their own categories.

For example, you can group anyone who mentions the Exit Five podcast into one category, even if they say “I heard you on Exit Five podcast,” “Dave’s Exit Five podcast,” “podcast for Exit Five” or any other close variant. Now you can make investments, whether paid guest spots, free guest spots, or sponsorships, in podcast you know resonate with your target buyers and influence revenue.

The report below shows MQLs, SQLs, MQL>SQL conversion rate, pipeline, annual contract value, and sales cycle duration on a per podcast basis. It even compares podcast revenue metrics to non-podcast revenue metrics so you can see whether or not certain podcasts produce more sales-ready buyers than others.

Learn more about how HockeyStack helps marketing, revenue, and sales teams surface and action insights like the ones in this template by exploring the interactive demo or booking a virtual demo.


About: Cognism is a leader in international sales intelligence, setting a new standard for data quality and compliance, trusted by 1800+ revenue teams worldwide.


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